Predictions Markets: Trump YES vs Trump NO

Someone cashed in for 636 Ether with a bet that Trump would win the election on PredictionToken, which allows you to make and take peer-to-peer bets on a yes or no outcome with the result verified in the blockchain.

The way it works is a smart contract mints Yes and No coins on the Ethereum blockchain whose value is tied to future events. Yes or No coins can be bought and sold on an exchange like EtherDelta. Once the event comes to pass, the result will be verified and written in the blockchain by Reality Keys. After that, the winning positions’s coin can be redeemed for 1 Ether each while the losing position’s coin are not worth nothing.

Trump Yes coins were going for 0.2 Ether, meaning the big winner cashing in 636 Trump Yes coins wagered 127.2 Ether and profited 508.8 Ether.

You can check out the full transaction volume and list of all transactions here:

If you’re feeling lucky, the other current ongoing bets are:
* Ethereum to switch to Proof of Stake by July 1, 2017
* ETC to be higher than ETH on January 1, 2017

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